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"I’m just shocked that I’ve never heard this before, anywhere."

~ Jeff Bishop, Chicago Booth MBA, 2011

"The GOTJ workshop on communications strategies was one of the highest rated sessions at our annual conference for MBA women.  We hear time and again from our sponsor schools and companies that women need to communicate more confidently to lead – Jodi met that need with her interactive, content-rich workshop.  The women who participated were absolutely abuzz afterwards.  Jodi is fabulous!"

~ Sara Nordoff, Forte Foundation

"Your advice is awesome for the young professional.  I've been telling people at my law firm internship about you.  I'll be sure to pass on your book (and get a copy for myself).  Your presentation this past year at Harvard was great, and I still refer to the slides."

~ Adora Asonye, J.D./ MBA Harvard University

"Don’t you wish you had a Jodi in your back pocket?"

~ Stella Grozint, Ladies who Launch

"Jodi offered great practical advice and her delivery was engaging, honest and fun. Participants gave her great evaluations and walked away with key takeaways and communication strategies to use in their careers."

~ Laura Gough, Managing Director, Robert W. Baird & Co.

"A ninety-minute crash course to professional success."

~ Student, MBA class of 2010, NYU Stern School of Business

"Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to share your experiences with the attendees at our event. It was the highlight of the week."

~ Pam Thomas, Director of Undergraduate Outreach & Marketing, 85 Broads

"I teach management communication (if not etiquette) at Johnson and I thought your presentation was great. I was especially touched at how much guidance people seemed to need at what seems like intuitive social interaction; your responses were spot on.”

~ Barbara Mink, Senior Lecturer, Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University

"This just might be the solution for our senior bankers who are constantly complaining about the millennials’, how shall I say it… lack of skills…"

~ A.M. Vice President, Merrill Lynch

"Jodi understands the challenges of working in an investment bank and tackles the important issues for new analysts and associates."

~ V.P. of Training and Recruiting, Global Investment Bank

"Great on the Job teaches how important the proper communication skills can be in the workplace.  Jodi teaches how to make a good impression and communicate effectively by teaching a few simple tips and best practices.  She understands the challenges of working in an investment bank and tackles the important issues for new analysts and associates."

~ Large Global Investment Bank