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Corporate Training

Great on the Job works with human resource departments and university career service centers to design and tailor GOTJ workshops to meet a company’s or school’s specific training needs.  Audiences range in size from 25 to 250, with 60-100 people being the norm.

Workshops typically last between 90 and 120 minutes (it’s hard to get your employees to break away for a full day and students don’t like to sit for much longer than two hours).  Office hours are often scheduled as well to give participants an opportunity to ask follow-up questions off-line.

Workshops are tailored to reflect a company’s core culture and workplace environment.  Case studies are customized and developed with input from clients.  Often, young professionals at the client will spend time test-driving the GOTJ content before a presentation to make sure everything is realistic, on-point and 100% relevant.

Sample Presentation Topics

Great on the Job: The Basics

  • Master the Hello & Goodbye
  • The Foolproof Download
  • Be Strategically Proactive
  • Ask for Help without Sounding Dumb
  • Answer a Question (You Don’t know the Answer to)
  • Ask for Feedback
  • Raise a Red Flag
  • Manage a Crisis

The Top 5 Pitfalls of Summer Interns

1. Not getting good work => Be strategically proactive
2. Not knowing how to do your work => Ask for Help without Sounding Dumb
3. Not knowing how you’re doing => Ask for Feedback
4. Screw ups and stumbles => Answer a Question & Raise a Red Flag
5. Not meeting the right (enough) people => Network effectively

Managing Up

  • Get the assignments you want
  • Get the help you need
  • Get the feedback you deserve
  • HBR Case studies

Leading Teams & Relationship Building

  • Giving assignments effectively
  • Managing expectations
  • Developing talent
  • Your personal elevator pitch

Managing the Performance Review Process

  • Preparing for the conversation
  • Managing the conversation
  • Ensuring a successful 2011

Preparing Your Personal Pitch

  • GOTJ Strategy => Destination, Back Story, Connect the Dots
  • Different Person, Different Pitch

Networking Effectively / Mock Networking

  • Working a Room
  • Your Personal Pitch
  • Entering and exiting Conversations gracefully
  • Forward momentum and follow up

The Best Version of You (Interviewing for a Job on Wall Street)

  • The Two Most Important Questions
  • Your Story
  • What is investment banking, really?
  • Behavioral Questions: The Model / Technical Questions: The Tips
  • Asking Good Questions

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