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Interested in contributing a guest post to the Great on the Job blog?  Here are a few guidelines:
  • We like to keep posts pretty concise. Entries should be in the 400-700 word range
  • Our readers are primarily young professionals looking to make great impressions in all of their workplace and career-related encounters- keep your audience in mind!
  • The goal for our blog is to bring readers concrete, practical and actionable advice, but in a fun, compelling, and actionable way. There’s lots of how-to content out there. Be sure your post draws readers in, keeps them engaged and gives them something useful to take away. You’ve got to wow us so we can wow our readers.
  • In general, we do not accept posts that promote companies.
  • Please always include a photo or graphic with your post
  • Please include a short byline/bio (2-3 sentences max), links on where/how to find you, and your social media handle with your submission
  • Submissions and questions can be sent to

Thanks, we look forward to hearing from you!