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Raising a Red Flag
How to Freelance Full-Time
By Alyssa Goldman Not too long ago, I was a full-time freelancer — not by choice but by necessity and passion. After graduation, I moved from Chicago to New York City — the center of the universe for all aspiring journalists.  I was optimistically naïve, thinking for sure I’d land my... read more »
Why It's Better to Be Smart and Wrong than Just Silent
I’m always amazed when I hear about smart, talented people going to their supervisors to ask for guidance using phrases like, “What do you think I should do?” Or, “How should I…?” Let’s assume that you’ve gotten to where you are in life precisely because you’re…... read more »
How to Say No to Making an Introduction
Last week I wrote about how to make appropriate introductions on behalf of friends and colleagues a topic that is often challenging.  The flipside can be even worse. How do you decline to make an introduction on behalf of someone else without sounding like a jerk? The truth is, you should... read more »
"Undercover Boss" and the Missing Information Loop
It’s hard to argue that a primetime network T.V. show that debuts after the Super Bowl has any mission other than to entertain the masses. It’s perhaps unfair then to ascribe any responsibility to the “Undercover Boss” other than the blatantly obvious—we all knew what we were getting—another reality show.... read more »
An Unlikely Hero
This week, an amazing thing happened. An airline passenger spoke up, raised a red flag, and saved the lives of nearly 300 people. It was an international flight from Chicago to Japan, and a passenger noticed a fuel leak on the jetliner. The passenger alerted a flight attendant but his... read more »
Wal-Mart Exec Speaks Out
I recently took a fabulous Webinar on marketing and social media (Colleen Wainwright, ) that mentioned something that made perfect sense to me-the content you provide online to your readers should follow the 95/5 rule-95% of what you post should be useful to others; the remaining 5% can be... read more »