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The New Mentorship Model
By Alyssa Goldman Mentorship matters. There’s no question about it. You aren’t going to keep moving up the proverbial ladder without the guidance and support of those who’ve walked in your shoes.  But the concept of “formal” mentorship is daunting and less relevant than ever before.  Like everything, mentorship is... read more »
Become a Mentor in 30 Seconds, Flat
Originally posted on LinkedIn December 23, 2013 I spend a lot of time thinking about finding mentors and building relationships with people whom I can look to for advice and guidance. I spend less time, truthfully, looking for mentees. I probably don’t give myself as much credit as I should (who... read more »
Don’t blow your first business trip — here’s how
By Alyssa Goldman When my boss invited me to join her at a two-day client conference, I was ecstatic.  As a 23-year-old who had just landed her first full-time gig, this was going to be my first business trip. Never mind the fact that the conference was an hour away from... read more »
What I Wish I’d Known Before Beginning the Job Search
By Alyssa Goldman Even before I was handed my college diploma, I was ready to take on the world.  I graduated with a degree in journalism, was an editor at my college newspaper, interned at various publications, and eventually, moved to New York to pursue my lifelong aspiration of writing for... read more »
Confession of a Networking Pro
On a nondescript evening this fall, I walked into a 50th floor conference room hosting a networking-event-disguised-as-a-cocktail-party for Today’s Chicago Woman “100 Women to Watch List,” of which I happened to be one. And instead of being excited and ready to mingle, I found myself filled with dr…... read more »
Baby, It’s Hot Outside – Look Professional While Staying Cool
Guest Post by Kristyn Schiavone This summer has been a scorcher and that’s made getting dressed for work more challenging than ever.  We’re thrilled to bring you a guest post from Kristyn Schiavone, author of Career Chic for Young Professionals: A Simple Style Guide. who offers great advice to keep you loo…... read more »
The best networking email you'll get all year
Experts and coaches remind us daily about the importance of keeping in touch with your network. If you’re like me, LinkedIn just handed you the perfect alibi on a silver platter. Did you get an email last month from your friends at LinkedIn with the following subject: “Jodi, 86 of your connections... read more »
The Biggest Mistake People Make After Receiving a Favor
During the fall of 2010, I helped a young family friend named Daniel with his college essays, reviewing and editing them, and providing feedback and suggestions. I was nervous and excited for him. He applied early admission to his top choice. Admission decisions were mailed on December 15 — over... read more »