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The New Mentorship Model
By Alyssa Goldman Mentorship matters. There’s no question about it. You aren’t going to keep moving up the proverbial ladder without the guidance and support of those who’ve walked in your shoes.  But the concept of “formal” mentorship is daunting and less relevant than ever before.  Like everything, mentorship is... read more »
Become a Mentor in 30 Seconds, Flat
Originally posted on LinkedIn December 23, 2013 I spend a lot of time thinking about finding mentors and building relationships with people whom I can look to for advice and guidance. I spend less time, truthfully, looking for mentees. I probably don’t give myself as much credit as I should (who... read more »
Generosity: The Key to Getting Ahead
Originally posted on LinkedIn December 9, 2013 Have you ever worked for a jerk? How about a boss you loved, respected, admired? Who did you perform better for? We all do better work for someone we trust, admire, respect. And yet, if you took a poll of critical business skills, you’d be... read more »
Get Ahead with a Mentor that Scares You
“You’re the best!” the four American Idol contestants cried to their voice coach Patty after narrowly escaping elimination, “We couldn’t have done it without you!” As they celebrated, I couldn’t help but notice that their hero was the same irascible, no-holds-barred w…... read more »