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Don’t blow your first business trip — here’s how
By Alyssa Goldman When my boss invited me to join her at a two-day client conference, I was ecstatic.  As a 23-year-old who had just landed her first full-time gig, this was going to be my first business trip. Never mind the fact that the conference was an hour away from... read more »
Generosity: The Key to Getting Ahead
Originally posted on LinkedIn December 9, 2013 Have you ever worked for a jerk? How about a boss you loved, respected, admired? Who did you perform better for? We all do better work for someone we trust, admire, respect. And yet, if you took a poll of critical business skills, you’d be... read more »
Three Ways to Say No to a Reference Request
By Jodi Glickman Originally posted on Harvard Business Review December 5, 2013 Christopher, a seasoned real estate executive, left his job in early 2013 to move to a competitor’s firm. Less than three months later, he received a call from his former boss Theo — in search of a reference letter himself. Christopher... read more »
Should you charge friends for advice?
Originally posted on Fortune March 18, 2013 By Jodi Glickman Are you the divorce attorney everyone calls with their marital woes? The accountant who finds that the dinner conversation inevitably turns to whether or not your friend’s new iPad or trip to Bermuda is tax-deductible? Maybe you’re the techie who…... read more »
Phone versus Email: Courtesy, Crass Interruption, or Dying Art?
By Alyssa Goldman In case you hadn’t noticed, phone calls are a last resort for Millennials in the workplace.  For Gen-Ys, phones are outdated—considered an interruption versus a convenience.  Alexander Graham Bell be damned. Does this mean Millennials have phone phobia? Is this further proof that we’re all just plain…... read more »
Confession of a Networking Pro
On a nondescript evening this fall, I walked into a 50th floor conference room hosting a networking-event-disguised-as-a-cocktail-party for Today’s Chicago Woman “100 Women to Watch List,” of which I happened to be one. And instead of being excited and ready to mingle, I found myself filled with dr…... read more »
Call, Text or Drop-by? What’s an Employee to do?
Ever notice that some people want to talk things through on the phone, others drop by your cube to chat and still others prefer a quick text? Some bosses want you to ping them throughout the day with questions, others simply want to hear from you one time, at the... read more »
Generosity: The Real Key to Success
If you took a poll of critical skills most important to business success, you’d be hard pressed to come up with a list that didn’t include vision, leadership, drive, ambition, or intellect. You’d be equally hard pressed to find one that included, much less led with, generosity. That generosity is... read more »