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Forward Momentum
What I Wish I’d Known Before Beginning the Job Search
By Alyssa Goldman Even before I was handed my college diploma, I was ready to take on the world.  I graduated with a degree in journalism, was an editor at my college newspaper, interned at various publications, and eventually, moved to New York to pursue my lifelong aspiration of writing for... read more »
Phone versus Email: Courtesy, Crass Interruption, or Dying Art?
By Alyssa Goldman In case you hadn’t noticed, phone calls are a last resort for Millennials in the workplace.  For Gen-Ys, phones are outdated—considered an interruption versus a convenience.  Alexander Graham Bell be damned. Does this mean Millennials have phone phobia? Is this further proof that we’re all just plain…... read more »
It’s Never Too Early to Start (Learning)
It’s not entirely surprising that this blog post is coming out a full week after pub date (May 10, 2011).  Happy belated pub date to me.  I was somewhat naive in terms of realizing that marketing a book was actually harder than writing the damn thing.  But it’s up, it’s... read more »
Why It's Better to Be Smart and Wrong than Just Silent
I’m always amazed when I hear about smart, talented people going to their supervisors to ask for guidance using phrases like, “What do you think I should do?” Or, “How should I…?” Let’s assume that you’ve gotten to where you are in life precisely because you’re…... read more »
How to End a Conversation with a Recruiter
The end of any and all conversations is this = Thank you + Forward Momentum. If someone has been helpful, thank them for their help.  If not, thank them for their time.  Then think about how to establish forward momentum—if you want to continue the conversation, try to establish a reason... read more »
How to Say No to Making an Introduction
Last week I wrote about how to make appropriate introductions on behalf of friends and colleagues a topic that is often challenging.  The flipside can be even worse. How do you decline to make an introduction on behalf of someone else without sounding like a jerk? The truth is, you should... read more »
Template: Email Introduction to a Literary Agent
Tomorrow, you’ll all see a GOTJ post on HBR about how NOT to make an introduction on behalf of someone else.  In it, I describe why I didn’t feel comfortable passing along an acquaintance to  my literary agent.  What I did to help instead, however, was share my introductory email... read more »
Breaking Into a Conversation Gracefully
Last week, I wrote a post about exiting a conversation gracefully that generated some buzz.  Beyond commenting on the strategies and tips to help you get out of those awkward moments, many of you rightfully pointed out that breaking into conversations was just as perplexing, especially at networking events, conference…... read more »