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Asking for Feedback
How to Freelance Full-Time
By Alyssa Goldman Not too long ago, I was a full-time freelancer — not by choice but by necessity and passion. After graduation, I moved from Chicago to New York City — the center of the universe for all aspiring journalists.  I was optimistically naïve, thinking for sure I’d land my... read more »
Top 4 Pitfalls of Summer Interns
As the end of July approaches, you’re probably half way through your summer internship.  Whether or not you got a coveted gig at City Hall, it’s time to take stock of your progress and learning and think about what you’ve gotten out of the experience to date and how to... read more »
"Undercover Boss" and the Missing Information Loop
It’s hard to argue that a primetime network T.V. show that debuts after the Super Bowl has any mission other than to entertain the masses. It’s perhaps unfair then to ascribe any responsibility to the “Undercover Boss” other than the blatantly obvious—we all knew what we were getting—another reality show.... read more »
How Often Should You Seek Feedback? Quick Tip
Monthly is too often—it can overwhelm the person from whom you’re requesting the feedback.  About once a quarter is a good target—the goal is to have 3-5 touch points over the course of the year. You can and should spread those requests for feedback out—don’t always ask the same person for... read more »
If you really care, you'll tell it like it is…
You know how when you’ve never heard of something, a brand or a concept for instance, and someone mentions it and all of a sudden it’s everywhere?  And you then wonder how you could have been so out of the loop for so long?  I had that happen with the... read more »
4 Steps to Giving Criticism in a Constructive (versus Destructive) Way
1. Take it “off-line” immediately. Negative feedback should never be given in front of anyone else not directly related to the situation.  It should always be given one-on-one, behind closed doors and in the moment (so it doesn’t become something bigger than it really is).  The goal is not to... read more »
Confronting Your Critics & Addressing Negative Feedback
If you’re a small business and you get slammed online for surly wait staff, crappy pizza or poor service, there’s only so much you can do to fight back to your critics on Yelp.  According to a great article in Inc. Magazine, Craig Stoll, co-owner of Pizzeria Delfina in San Francisco... read more »