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December, 2013
Don’t blow your first business trip — here’s how
By Alyssa Goldman When my boss invited me to join her at a two-day client conference, I was ecstatic.  As a 23-year-old who had just landed her first full-time gig, this was going to be my first business trip. Never mind the fact that the conference was an hour away from... read more »
Generosity: The Key to Getting Ahead
Originally posted on LinkedIn December 9, 2013 Have you ever worked for a jerk? How about a boss you loved, respected, admired? Who did you perform better for? We all do better work for someone we trust, admire, respect. And yet, if you took a poll of critical business skills, you’d be... read more »
Three Ways to Say No to a Reference Request
By Jodi Glickman Originally posted on Harvard Business Review December 5, 2013 Christopher, a seasoned real estate executive, left his job in early 2013 to move to a competitor’s firm. Less than three months later, he received a call from his former boss Theo — in search of a reference letter himself. Christopher... read more »