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November, 2013
What I Wish I’d Known Before Beginning the Job Search
By Alyssa Goldman Even before I was handed my college diploma, I was ready to take on the world.  I graduated with a degree in journalism, was an editor at my college newspaper, interned at various publications, and eventually, moved to New York to pursue my lifelong aspiration of writing for... read more »
How to Freelance Full-Time
By Alyssa Goldman Not too long ago, I was a full-time freelancer — not by choice but by necessity and passion. After graduation, I moved from Chicago to New York City — the center of the universe for all aspiring journalists.  I was optimistically naïve, thinking for sure I’d land my... read more »
Should you charge friends for advice?
Originally posted on Fortune March 18, 2013 By Jodi Glickman Are you the divorce attorney everyone calls with their marital woes? The accountant who finds that the dinner conversation inevitably turns to whether or not your friend’s new iPad or trip to Bermuda is tax-deductible? Maybe you’re the techie who…... read more »