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April, 2012
Interview Musts & Busts
By Marjie Terry A good friend, who happens to be one of the smarter people I know, recently told me she goes into an out-of-body, cold-sweat state when she’s interviewing.  She knows it has cost her plenty of jobs, but she feels powerless to change her fate.  People who can really... read more »
We just received this awesome Infographic from Inside the MBA@UNC Blog.  We love it and wanted to share it with you!  Ladies, we’ve come a long way in the business world (go us!)… yet we’ve still got  aways to go.  A few things we’re particularly proud of: Women start businesses at 1.5... read more »
Moving Cross Country? How to Lauch a Successful Job Search in a New City
Originally posted as a GOTJ Guest Post for the LinkedIn Blog Finding a job in today’s market is daunting enough, even with friends and family cheering you on. But moving cross-country and looking for a job at the same time — it’s enough to throw any sane person over the... read more »