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Guest Post: Need a Job? An App to Help You Interview

What is Entoview Career Edition, and who should be using it?

Entoview Career Edition is an iPhone app that helps prepare you for job interviews. It’s designed for young job seekers and people who work with them. We especially recommend it to college students and career services offices. Students can take the practice interview on their own and get an evaluation from the app, or they can go over the practice interview with a counselor and talk about why some answers work better than others. It’s a good starting point for discussion.

Where did you get the content?

It’s based on the framework of Entoview College Edition, a tool for practicing the college interview, which we released last year and was written by Keith Berman, president of Options for College. That app was based on his work as an Ivy League admissions interviewer and years of experience guiding students through the application process. For Career Edition, we updated the content for job seekers. We have been on both sides of the hiring desk, and the tips and Q&A come directly from our experiences.

What are the best things about this app?

It’s fun and low-stress (two qualities most people don’t associate with job interviewing!). You can practice as many times as you want, wherever you want, to get comfortable with the process. The practice interview is different each time, so it’s a little unpredictable, just like a real job interview!

How is Entoview Career Edition different from all of the other interview prep products out there?

This app was designed and written by educators, and our goal was to create an experience that was not only fun, but actually educational. Entoview Career Edition isn’t just a general overview of the job interview experience or a list of common questions – it’s an interactive experience that is designed to make sure the information really sinks in. After finishing the practice interview, you get a real evaluation of your performance and specific tips on how to improve, all of it relating to the core material.

How much will it set me back?

The price on the Appstore is $4.99. Educational institutions can get a 50% discount on bulk purchases, so for college career centers, the cost per student is less than $3.

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Entoview Career Edition was created by Entoview: Technology For Educators, By Educators. Contact Abby Kelly directly at and find Entoview at, or on Twitter at

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